Cultivating Inner Awareness
Empowering you​​​​ to be your own healer

My practice is the journey of coming back to yourself. 

It is the process of peeling back the layers and understanding yourself on the deepest of levels. It is about expanding, releasing, moving energy and gaining the tools for deep & transformative healing.

It is creating an unwavering self-awareness.

I combine powerful modalities such as Breathwork, Kundalini Yoga & Astrology to offer a unique & grounding approach, personalized to meet you where you are at right now.

It is my hope through this work that you will see:

You are your own greatest healer.
You hold all of the answers inside of you.
You are powerful beyond measure.

I will be by your side cheering you on and guiding you each step of the way.

In this supportive container, your healing has no limit.


Cultivating Inner Awareness

This work is for those ready to take their life and healing to the next level. We will begin with a 90 minute discovery session to create the foundation for our work together. We will meditate, breathe, connect and dive deep in a safe and healing space. I will be there for you listening, guiding and offering support each step of the way.

After our initial session, I will create an individualized plan of how we can work together moving forward that is most supportive to you while allowing time for these powerful practices to integrate into your life. Depending on the time and financial commitment you are able to make we will speak every 1-3 weeks. After each call you will receive a follow-up email summarizing what we discussed and goals/intentions until we speak again. In-between calls you will receive unlimited email support and thoughtful homework to empower you on this journey.

Throughout our sessions I will offer Breathwork, Kundalini Yoga, Astrological Insight, Intuitive guidance & access to all of the powerful tools I have studied throughout the past 10+ years of personal healing & self-development work.

These sessions are created to be the most transformative for YOU. Whether that is focusing on deep healing, having accountability on your journey, developing rituals, creating a more conscious lifestyle, creative projects, starting or growing your business, curating a personal style, or any other topic that you would like to focus on, I am an open book of resources, with you each step of the way to guide, hold space and teach you the tools for inner + outer expansion.

Sessions are held virtually via video or phone.

Breathwork + Intuitive Guidance Session

In this 75 minute Breathwork + Intuitive Guidance Session you will calm your nervous system, connect to your intuition and unblock stuck emotions. We will set an intention at the beginning of the session and spend the first 20-30 minutes talking about what is coming up for you right now that you would like to shift + heal.

I will then offer a variety of breathing techniques that work quickly to move energy and make space in the body, mind and spirit for deep healing. I will be there guiding and supporting you each step of the way.

You will leave the session with tools that you can use in your life immediately. 

Sessions are held virtually via video.

Clarity Session

This one-hour session is for you if you have a specific question or area of your life you need support + guidance on. You can think of it as an ask-me-anything session.

Common topics that can be discussed:

  • Support through a life transition
  • Where to begin in your healing journey
  • Starting & growing your business
  • Incorporating self-care routines into your schedule
  • How to shop more sustainably
  • Organizing your life through task + calendar management
  • Curating your personal style
  • Developing a journaling practice
  • & more

Sessions are held virtually via video or phone.

Not sure if the Clarity Session is the right fit? Email me at


"My session with Hilary was some of the most profoundly impactful work I have ever done! With Hilary’s incredible ability to listen with compassion, combined with a background in business, media and wellness, she really takes self-care to the next level, making it a step towards fulfilling what’s most important to you in every area of your life.
I needed support upgrading my self-care rituals to support my hustling, go-getter, entrepreneur-in-NYC lifestyle. Not only did I get actionable suggestions and specific rituals that feel right, but also a breakthrough about my business that was on my way of taking care of myself with love and kindness. Thank you, Hilary!"

- Ksenia Avdulova, founder of Breakfast Criminals

"In need of healing, I reached out to Hilary for my first Breathwork session and it was the best choice I could've made! Her empathy and compassion made it feel like I had reconnected with an old friend. She was able to create a space that felt comfortable. I could embrace every emotion as it emerged and was constantly supported by her. Even through certain overwhelming, uncomfortable feelings she knew exactly when I needed guidance and encouragement. By the end of the first session there was already a sense of clarity and empowerment. 

Working with Hilary was honestly such a beautiful, fulfilling experience. It has quickly become one of my favorite self-care routines and I’m very excited for what’s to come in our future sessions!"

- Danielle Rammo