Package 1: one hour self-care session

You dream of...

one hour self-care session

Wherever you are at in your energy.
No matter where you are at in your life. You have the power to do this.

You don’t need to be ready, you just have to decide.
Small actions add up to the big picture.

I am here for you.

You have the power to feel better and manifest the life of your dreams.


In this one hour self-care session we will:

  • Identify which self-care pillar(s) we will focus on.
  • Address how your pillar is showing up in your life.
  • Align your top priority goals and dreams.
  • Evaluate what you can do today to start creating space to take care of yourself.
  • Discuss how to channel your pillar energy into personalized practices.
  • Share easy to understand tips and tricks to step into your power.
  • Create a supportive environment to experience a conscious, holistic shift in your life.

Who this is for:

Women who are ready to take action and put in the work to create a shift in their lives

Process + what to expect:

The beauty of this session is that I am here to take the lead. All you need is to show up with an open mind and attitude so we can dive deep. Our call is confidential and I am here to support you. You will select your time/date of the session, fill out the questionnaire and be ready to have a quiet space to chat (and come with any questions you need guidance on).  

You will receive:

Within two days of our call you will receive an email with what we discussed + a custom routine/ritual as well as a template for your daily journaling practice.


This package is a one time payment of $150