the dreamerie sessions

in this one hour session we will work on: 

  • cultivating inner awareness and getting present to what is going on in your life

  • setting clear intentions to guide you towards your dreams and goals

  • creating meaningful action through daily rituals and routines

The ten pillars we will work within and common topics that can be discussed:


create a morning & evening routine that energizes you
develop a journaling practice
integrate accessible healing practices into your daily life



learn ways to protect your energy
recognize when you need to recharge
initiate systems around your business + personal life in order to free up time



uncover authentic creativity
make headway on your creative project
release self judgement in order to get into your creative flow



identify go-to meals that leave you feeling light + energized
create rituals around meal time
create a regular meal-prep plan



establish a ritual for finding stillness and creating ease
through meditation, breath, stretching, kundalini yoga or journaling



find conscious + sustainable brands
create your must-have seasonal wardrobe pieces
put together go-to outfit formulas



find gentle ways to move your body that feel good
set an attainable workout schedule + create accountability to stick with it



learn about natural beauty alternatives
create custom skincare + beauty routines
discover ways to show your skin love using simple remedies



deepen your relationship to yourself
strengthen your existing relationships
learn to ask for what you need



define your dream goals and create action steps to achieve them
identify more ways to bring fun and lightheartedness into your routine


In this one hour session we will:

  • Cultivate inner awareness and get really present to what is going on in your life

  • Set clear intentions that align with your top priority goals and dreams.

  • Evaluate what you can do today to start creating space to take care of yourself.

  • Discuss how to channel your energy into personalized practices.

  • Share easy to understand tips and tricks to step into your power.

  • Create a supportive environment to experience a conscious, holistic shift in your life.

Who this is for:

Women and men who are ready to take action and put in the work to create a shift in their lives

Process + what to expect:

The beauty of this session is that I am here to take the lead. All you need is to show up with an open mind and attitude so we can dive deep. Our call is confidential and I am here to support you. You will select your time/date of the session, fill out the questionnaire and be ready to have a quiet space to chat (and come with any questions you need guidance on).  

You will receive:

Within two days of our call you will receive an email with what we discussed + a custom routine/ritual as well as a template for your daily journaling practice.




A little bit about me

I know the power of self-care firsthand and have experienced the negative effects and life-threatening health concerns of not prioritizing myself which has taught me to never let it happen again.


Despite being passionate about health and assuming I was doing everything right, I had put off my own self-care and it showed up in a big way. In 2011, after pushing my body past its limits while working, going to school and interning, my body began screaming at me.

Our bodies have a way of getting our attention.

In September of 2011 I was diagnosed with severe aplastic anemia or bone marrow failure disease and I was told I would need a life-saving bone marrow transplant.

This is the moment I realized that while I thought I was doing everything perfect, my body thought otherwise. I had to really look at myself in a holistic way and take charge of my own health.

I was able to come out on the other side of that experience stronger than before and with a shift in not only my perspective but who I am at my core.

I am telling you this story not for your sympathy, but to tell you and show you there is hope wherever you are at in your journey. Whether you are experiencing illness or just interested in a more holistic way of living. I am here to support you.

Your time is now. 

We will work together to take a look at each aspect of your life and gently move through a detailed program diving deep into the practices you need that will support you in accomplishing your goals and dreams.  



You don’t need to be ready, you just have to decide.
Small actions add up to the big picture.

i am here for you.

You have the power to feel better and manifest the life of your dreams.


Purchase a single session

one time payment of $150

* Packages are available at a reduced rate