Visit New York for the first time for my Uncle’s wedding. One look out the window and I tell my parents I am moving here as soon as I finish high school. They smile and nod, “of course you are honey”.



The obsession with gathering inspiration begins. Spend my days cutting up magazines and making fashion guides + inspiration books. Decide I am becoming a makeup artist.



My Bat Mitzvah theme was Shoot for the Moon, Reach for the Stars (I have always been a dreamer!) 



I can’t get enough of reading magazines, watching fashion shows and the creativity of personal style. Makeup will always have a place in my heart but fashion is calling my name. Win a spot at Teen Vogue University weekend. Come up to New York by myself. My mind is made up and a career in fashion is my path. 



Pick up my first health related books. “Skinny Bitch”, anyone? Become obsessed with what I am eating, how food is affecting me/the planet and how I can do better.



Move to NYC for the summer while I am still in high school. Intern at Diane von Furstenberg. Attend classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Fall even more madly in love with living in New York and working in fashion.



Move to NYC the day after I finish high school. Attend the Fashion Institute of Technology and major in Fashion Merchandising. Intern at Betsey Johnson. Working at Urban Outfitters and going to school.



Intern at Teen Vogue. Working at Free People and attending school. Meet Dan after being on JDate for one week. Inseparable since day one.



Finish my degree in Fashion Merchandising and decide I want to do more. Major in Advertising, Marketing and Communications for my Bachelor Degree. Start my eBay store. Read The Kind Life by Alicia Silverstone. Decide immediately to go vegan. For the first time making the decision to do a diet not to lose weight or get skinnier, but because I love animals. Watch every documentary I can possibly get my hands on, only fueling my desire to be conscious of the food on my plate. Dan and I move in together in the cutest one bedroom apartment on 10th street in the West Village. Attend my first yoga class at Yoga Vida. Suddenly, the endless mind chatter is quiet. It is just me and my body on this mat. I feel free.



I come back from a run with a rash on my leg. Go to yoga anyway and ignore how tired I feel. The next few months I go on a downward spiral. Shortness of breath, extreme exhaustion, yellow skin and bruises all over my body. My family urges me to go to urgent care at school. My hemoglobin comes back at 4.8. I am told I am sick, very sick. It might be leukemia. My mind is racing. How could this happen? How could this be? I thought I was doing everything right.

After months of blood and platelet transfusions, bone marrow biopsies and an emotional roller coaster, a diagnosis is given. Severe Aplastic Anemia or Bone Marrow Failure Disease. I have the highest chance of survival if one of my sisters is a match. The disease is fatal without a transplant. I become the CEO of saving my life. My mom moves me out of our West Village apartment. I go through the procedure of freezing my eggs before I begin chemo. We receive the best news possible: my little sister is a perfect 10/10 match. I stay off the computer and don’t google anything. After a week of intensive chemo I receive my bone marrow transplant on December 22, 2011. On that day I am 0 days old. Continue to stay firm in my belief of veganism. Stay vegan all through transplant and no one can convince me to do otherwise.



One of the hardest years of my life. Spend every day inside of a hospital or doctors office. I am in pain but I see the light. I see how short life is and finally share what is on my mind. Fashion is not the industry for me. I want to start a blog. I want to share my passions for holistic health and wellness. I choose the name Jewels of a Dreamer for my site. It will cover all of the many jewels in my life and will be a platform for me to share my passions and express my creativity.

My transplant story written on my journal



Move back to New York to be with Dan despite my doctors wanting me to stay in Florida longer. I can’t take it anymore. Dan has found us an apartment on the Upper West Side ready for me to move in. I sign up for classes at FIT to finish my degree strong. Begin working with Dan at his technology company of 16 years as a way to get out of the house. Graduate from FIT with honors. Celebrate and jump for joy. I did it!



Dan and I get engaged! Launch Jewels of a Dreamer. Start to put myself out there and go to events, share myself even when I am scared and meet new friends. Begin working at CytexOne full time. Supporting Dan and working on my blog. Travel to Cancun, Mexico with Dan’s family. My first big trip since the transplant. Have the best time but come home with salmonella and e. coli. Spend the summer so sick and so frustrated. Go to see Dr. Frank Lipman who urges me to begin including organic, high quality animal protein back in my diet. My first time eating meat in 5 years. Cry hysterically. Tell Dan I can’t do it but trust that this is what I need. Within one week I feel like myself again and within three weeks all of my numbers begin to go up for the first time in months.



Continue to struggle with getting sick often but won’t let it stop me. Working, blogging & begin moving my body again. I am introduced to kundalini yoga. My first meditation I cry hysterically. I need to know more about this magic. I am introduced to Taylor EyeWalker and begin working with her. My life will never be the same.  



Start to travel more. Getting sick less often. Feeling more like myself. Taking more of a management role at Dan's company. I continue to resist and focus on my dreams but by the end of the year I decide to put my dreams on hold to support Dan and his vision for our future. Pick up our fur babies and my first pets, brother and sister bengal’s we name Bodhi and Zoey!



January 1st I officially become President and a partner at the company. Take on the responsibility of running the business full time. Working 12 hour days and feeling more stress than I ever have in my life. Surprised at how good I am at running a company and how much energy it gives me at the same time. We choose a date and a venue to get married. Bedell Cellars on the North Fork of Long Island, September 23, 2017. May 2017, I begin to feel really sick. Despite Dan urging me to stay home and rest I push my body and continue to go to work anyway. By the end of the week I am in the emergency room and admitted to the hospital in excruciating pain. I have been diagnosed with shingles, specifically Ramsey Hunt Disease and have lost full mobility on the right side of my face.

I am scared. My body is screaming at me “this is what happens when you don’t take care of yourself”. I see the light. I pray. I meditate. I ignore the doctors when they speak of plastic surgery. Dive even deeper into kundalini and my own self-care. My face is not healing as we thought it would but I am making progress. After being out of the office for months our business is falling behind. We decide to cancel our wedding and let our guests know. The weekend of our wedding we decide that this is all too much and close the doors of our company. It is painful but freeing. We go through the motions.  By the end of the year I am working every day on my business. This is my time. My dream. My passion. I see it so clearly and am setting my intentions and creating my vision.



Anything is possible! Officially re-launch Jewels of a Dreamer as The Dreamerie and am in the flow and ready for a magical year of connection and self-expression.