Right now you may feel like you are struggling with:

  • Not knowing where to begin with your self-care
  • Feeling unfulfilled by your self-care practices and not knowing what you need
  • Confused on how to even begin a meditation practice
  • Struggling with sticking to a consistent workout schedule
  • Disconnected in your relationship to yourself and others
  • Confused on what to wear and what your personal style is
  • Yearning for new adventures and travel
  • Uninspired by your work and creatively stuck
  • Interested in skincare and makeup but unsure of what products or looks are right for you
  • Healers? Reiki? Kundalini? - you want to know more but wonder where to even begin


I get it.

I have totally been there.

Over the past 8 years of navigating what it means to truly take care of myself and thrive, I have built up a toolkit of personal rituals + practices I always come back to.


And that is exactly what I want for you. A few topics we can cover are . . . 

  • Getting clear on your personal style + shopping sustainably
  • Systems around your business + personal life to create accountability and organization 
  • Clearly defining your dreams + goals and creating action steps to achieve them
  • How to start a meditation practice
  • Custom skincare + beauty routines
  • Enjoying your food and eating in a balanced and nourishing way
  • Utilizing your calendar as a tool to create more freedom in your life
  • Finding gentle ways to move your body that you enjoy
  • Personalized tools that center and give you energy
  • Creating and sticking to a journaling practice
  • Feeling connected in your relationships
  • Tuning in to your intuition
  • Morning and evening routines/rituals that are perfect for your unique mind + body
  • How to incorporate more holistic wellness practices into your life
  • And more!