The Dreamerie is a conscious lifestyle blog rooted in balance and supportive space to gain clarity, self-awareness and practical tools to fulfill your dreams. 

By Hilary Pearlson

I was inspired to create this site & do this work through my own healing journey which began over 10 years ago.

Read more about my story here. 

sun sign: taurus
moon sign: pisces
rising sign: virgo
human design type: projector
live: Brooklyn, NY
favorite crystal: selenite
currently studying: kundalini yoga,
human design & astrology

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Virtual Clarity Sessions

Whether your dreams feel crystal clear or you are unsure of the next steps to take, in this one-on-one session I will guide you through the journey of connecting to clarity, uncovering blocks and clearly defining where to take action.


Create space in your life for what lights you up

A course on the systems I have created to get (and stay) organized, increase productivity and most importantly, get clear on what needs to get done so the rest of the time you can be living and enjoying your life.  

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