Welcome to The Dreamerie

The Dreamerie is a lifestyle blog + supportive space based on the practice of Cultivating Inner Awareness

Everything is energy and therefore the practice of awareness is the groundwork with which healing, transformation and a deeper connection (to yourself + others) takes place. It is through Cultivating Inner Awareness that you will be empowered to step into the truest form of who you are in every area of your life, from your relationships, to your career, how you express yourself and beyond.

We are all unique in an infinite amount of ways and through this process can begin to release the stories of what the world has told us we should be, and instead step into the most authentic version of who we are.

The Dreamerie blog covers everything from conscious fashion companies, natural beauty resources utilizing healing ingredients, inspiring members of the community, intuitive business guidance, plant-based recipes, powerful holistic healing modalities & more.

My goal is to inspire, support, elevate, uplift and heal.

The Founder • Hilary Pearlson

A multi-passionate, research obsessed, dreamer, conscious curator, avid meditator and kundalini yogi. I created The Dreamerie as a resource of my findings, experiences, inspiration & musings. 

sun sign: taurus
moon sign: pisces
rising sign: virgo
human design type: projector
live: Brooklyn, NY
favorite crystal: selenite
currently studying: human design & astrology
favorite app: co-star
keeping me sane: asana
non-negotiables: morning meditation + kundalini yoga, journaling, self-care routines + solo time

The Blog

The content of The Dreamerie is ever-evolving.   A few great series to start with are . . .

Personal posts where I write about navigating life, my business, and health which you can find here.

Sharing conscious companies that I am proud to support in one of my favorite series, Conscious Commerce.

Reviews of natural beauty products.

Interviews with inspiring members of the community in the Dreamer Profile series.

Self-care + my holistic wellness tools.


I am honored to hold space for healing in my sessions based on the practice of Cultivating Inner Awareness. To learn more click here.

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