Taylor Eyewalker

There is nothing quite like the energy that occurs when a person both gives and receives support.

Over the past three years, I have been lucky enough to learn from and be supported by one of the most beautiful and magnetic souls I have ever met: Taylor Eyewalker. She has been my teacher and mentor, and has acted as a guiding light in my life.

Taylor and I met at a time when I was scared, exhausted and lost. Since our first session, sitting on my couch on the Upper West Side on March 18, 2015, my life has been forever transformed.

Deep healing work is a process, and it requires a strong support system. Taylor was that support system for me each step of the way. It was because of her that I had a safe place without judgment that gave me the space me to grow in ways I couldn’t have imagined. She provided guidance, tools, and practices that allowed me to find the strength and energy I needed inside myself. I took responsibility for my life, my actions, my relationships, and the way I showed up in the world every day.

Within the last three years, I discovered the gift I have within that enables me to support women in their journeys. Everything in my life began to click, and all of the experiences I gained while navigating my own health and self-care journey had a meaning more powerful than I could have ever dreamed. I learned to tap into and connect deeper with my own intuition. It was because of the work that Taylor and I did together that allowed me to finally fully understand my purpose, to share and be of service by utilizing my own experiences in self-care to support other women in feeling better and creating more space in their lives for love and joy.

Last week, we completed the first chapter in our relationship as I wrapped up her program, which has been one of the proudest moments of my life thus far. With the right teacher and the willingness to show up and do the work, magic will happen.

Now, we will begin a new chapter in our relationship. I am thrilled to announce that I will be assisting Taylor in her upcoming program, The Uncoil Academy.

Choosing to work with Taylor was the best investment in myself and my future that I have ever made. Her selflessness, advice, sense of humor and passion for her students has helped to shape the woman I am today. I am forever grateful.

Through this work, I have uncovered the gift of being able to access my full power and the tools to move through life with strength and grace. I can’t wait to support a new group of students who are ready to put in the work to change their lives. Three years of training materials in eleven months with the energy that comes with working with a group of incredible and passionate women is going to be life-changing!

For deeper insight into Taylor’s work and The Uncoil Method continue reading below. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to me or Taylor (hi@eyewalkerelements.com)


Taylor is a superfood imbibing, Kundalini and Tantric yoga teacher, counselor, creator of The Uncoil Method and organic perfumer.

Between blissful bouts of healing and leading, you can find the urban yogini traveling to connect with different communities and cultures, writing, creating art projects and serving tea. Guided by the clear intention of feeling more vibrancy, joy, and clarity in her every moment, Taylor’s ever-unfolding 8 limbed path has led her to the very forefront of the wellness movement, guiding others toward self-mastery by way of this inspiring new health paradigm.

Taylor offers her yoga students the opportunity to work deep and strong on a physical level.

She combines an integrated spiritual and psychological component within the technology of Kundalini Yoga and Tantra. Her teachings focus on energy-altering and enhancing postures, alignment, mantra, visualization, consciousness expansion and mastering and moving prana. She shares Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, with deep reverence as a teacher and deeply dedicated practitioner since 2001 to the yogic path. She is a 500+hr certified Yoga Instructor with Yoga Alliance and a 300+hr certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher with KRI. She is drawn to yoga for its powerful ability to heal the body, clear the karma and expand ourselves greater so our higher selves can ever and always be more present and masterful over our reality.

Taylor’s offerings extend from the outer most subtle layer of our sensory system to the innermost cultivation of the soul’s purpose.

You have the ability to work with her in one-on-one counseling & uncoil sessions, kundalini yoga or group trainings in order to develop your strategy for getting clear, grounded and steady within your individual purpose on the planet.

You can join her on one of her many retreats around the world and you can have a full sensory experience with her aromatic botanical perfumery line or custom creations.

Any means by which you choose to connect with Taylor, her clear direct vision always leads back to supporting you in living within your fullest self-expression, vibrant levels of health within the body and grounding in your soul’s purpose.

What is The Uncoil Method?

Taylor’s work in The Uncoil Method works with the individual to cultivate a way of life that is fundamentally proactive, embracing what makes you different and building upon it. This work specializes in helping you understand how to master your life in a body and live in accordance with your highest purpose and destiny. Accessing your innate wisdom, unique creativity while developing deeper levels of sensitivity to yourself and others.

What is The Uncoil Academy and what can students expect who sign-up for the training?

The Uncoil Academy is a transformation women’s group training for those ready to harness their creative energy and master their life. Women that sign up for this training can expect 11 months of the utmost support through video conference meetings, in person immersions, office hours, partner support and individual support from Taylor amidst their journey of going deeper and deeper into the layers of their consciousness. We weed out all of which is no longer working. Here we create space, implementing new plans and ways of being for your biggest dreams to be fulfilled, from a grounded and practical approach. Bringing the ordinary, to the extraordinary.

Who is this training for?

This training is for any woman, at any age, in any stage of development. The only requirement is that she is open and ready to follow the path to successfully experiencing the life she’s always dreamt of.

What are some of the teachings we will learn about in this training?

The teachings we will deeply explore throughout this training are:

  • Conscious use of language
  • Understanding and mastering your emotions
  • Learning how to chart your 11 emotional moon centers
  • Healing traumas and wounds in order to create genuine relationships
  • Heighten perceptions and sensitivities to yourself and others
  • Become aware of your inner and outer dialogue in order to release negative beliefs so we can fulfill our goals and dreams
  • Enhance creativity and uncover your unique gifts
  • Design a project and guide it to manifestation

What is included in the training?

• Weekly group coaching via video correspondence
• Monthly individual check-in calls with Taylor
• Group accountability
• Partner assignments
• Workbook training
• Sensing Exercises
• Develop a daily meditation practice
• In person group meet, greet, eat and meditate (2-day course, March 31 & April 1)
• In person retreat to complete our time together (optional)

How can we find out more?

The Uncoil Academy Women’s Group

[ To explore if The Uncoil Academy is the right fit for you, email Taylor at hi@tayloreyewalker.com to set-up a call to learn more or sign-up here. ]