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Since I am living on Long Island currently I have an entirely new appreciation for the luxuries of NYC. Finally got to the city to get my eyebrows done and I feel like a new woman. Nicky Cayot is the BEST, I do eyebrow tint + shaping (and ps one of her clients is Gisele) – tell her I sent you!

I am still soaking in and processing the incredible breathwork session I had with Erin Telford last week. I was moving through an intense growth phase and gained so much clarity from our session. I have been practicing this breathwork video daily and my life will never be the same (not one bit of an exaggeration). Learn more about Erin’s work here.

Currently watching – Queer Eye on Netflix. Healing from the inside out and a reminder of why I am so passionate about the work I do.

I was recently gifted a frankincense oil and have been using it every day – rubbing it on my belly, lower back and the soles of my feet to aid in inflammation, circulation, and strengthening my immune system.  Read more about the benefits here.

I am currently reading this book on Human Design, can’t get enough of this powerful information.

It has been brought to my attention that my journaling format is very similar to bullet journaling – excited to bring in some extra color-coded organization (yes, I love this stuff!) with these gel pens.