Dreamerie Essentials March 2018

March is officially here! Which means the official start of spring is in two weeks!

Despite still feeling very much in the midst of winter, I am getting inspired by the warmer weather quickly approaching.

These are my current go-to essentials that are keeping me grounded, nourished, comfortable and are bringing me joy for the month of March.

ELIZABETH SUZANN CLYDE JUMPSUIT IN FLAX • This is one of my all time favorite purchases (navy and ivory are on my wishlist as well)! It has been a bit too cold to wear the past few weeks but I can’t wait to layer my favorite white tee underneath this month.

ILIA LIPSTICK IN WILD CHILD • The magic of a good lip color. This is the perfect shade of red and it has felt so good to put some color into my look even when the weather feels dreary.

MELISSA JOY MANNING GOLD HOOP EARRINGS • I have been so into hoop earrings and fell in love with this pair after seeing them on Arielle of Something Navy.

RAG & BONE VELVET BASEBALL CAP • Forever a fan of a good baseball cap. The velvet gives it a little something extra and the olive green is the perfect neutral accessory.

TONGUE SCRAPER • My morning oral care routine wouldn’t be complete without tongue scraping post oil pulling.

TRU NIAGEN • I mentioned this supplement in my healing post yesterday but it is worth repeating again. Tru Niagen is used for cell regeneration and the effects have been noticeable.

CLARE VIVIER BAG • Made in the USA and a great statement bag, can’t get enough of the shape and woven detailing.

MIZUBA MATCHA • One of my favorite matcha powders, not a morning goes by that I do not use this in my morning lattes.

ROSE QUARTZ • Unconditional love, heart opening & healing feminine energy – I am keeping my rose quartz close at all times.

ANIMA MUNDI HERBALS COCONUT CREAM • This powdered coconut cream is helping me to achieve the perfect matcha latte every morning, thank you Anima Mundi Herbals!

NO. 6 CLOGS • My obsession with clogs will never stop, these are at the top of my spring wishlist.

MOON TIDE DRINKING BOWL • I have been enjoying this bowl during my daily tea and it has been a welcome addition to one of my favorite self-care rituals.

DOTERRA EMOTIONAL AROMATHERAPY • I was gifted this incredible set and my love of essential oils has been reignited.

ELENA BROWER PRACTICE JOURNAL • A treasured new gift and latest addition to my morning routine, thank you to the sweetest Tracy!

ACURE ULTRA-HYDRATING SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER • Acure is my absolute favorite affordable natural and organic beauty line. Their shampoos and conditioners never fail me and lately I have been loving the ultra-hydrating products.