April is my absolute favorite month. I feel like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, ideas are swirling in my head, the energy in the air is so powerful and – – – it’s my birthday month!! April’s essentials are giving me all the good vibes. Lighter layers, conscious companies, nourishing snacks, everything that is supporting me in fully stepping into my energy, self-expression and continued healing.

ORGANIC BY JOHN PATRICK SLIP DRESS • I love the classic style + versatility of a well made slip dress.

THE FLARE NECKLACE BY MEAGAN MOON • my dear friend Meagan makes the dreamiest adornments with potent energy behind each piece. This necklace serves as a daily reminder of just how powerful we all are.

REFORMATION JEAN JACKET • an updated take on the denim jacket, consciously made and a layering staple this month as we wait for the weather to get the memo that it is spring.

SCHUTZ MORGANNA POINT TOE MULES • adore the textured detail of this perfect every day mule.

MADEWELL x VANS SNEAKERS • obsessed with the color of these old school van’s – neutral enough to go with everything while staying comfortable + stylish.

CUYANA CLASSIC SHOULDER BAG • I have been on the hunt for the perfect crossbody bag until I came across this one by Cuyana, my favorite company for handbags. Timeless, crafted in Italy and will only get better with age.

SIMPLE MILLS SPROUTED SEED CRACKERS • I have a severe nut allergy and feel serious FOMO around all the delicious looking nut based crackers, breads, etc. When I discovered these seed crackers I was thrilled! They are so yummy and my go-to when traveling.

ACURE BRIGHTENING SERUM • I picked up this serum to test last month and am already out of it (it was so good that Dan used it daily too!) – in terms of natural beauty it is more on the affordable side which is a huge plus, made of plant-based ingredients and is super hydrating.

TENOVERTEN NAIL POLISH • this color is a dream. Can’t wait to wear it for spring.

RADIANCE SUGAR SCRUB BY JESSICA CURE • I love a good body scrub. This one is made of organic cinnamon, vanilla and ginger –  it saved my skin this winter and smells like heaven.

AMETHYST CRYSTAL • my mother-in-law gifted me the most beautiful amethyst stones and I have been holding them close for their healing energy and chakra balancing powers.

NETTLE LEAF TEA • currently drinking nettle tea every day, the benefits range from reducing inflammation in the body, digestion support and HAIR GROWTH (trust me when I say if you want to grow your hair out – drink nettle!)

HUMAN DESIGN • I know I am a broken record but everything I am learning about Human Design is blowing my mind. Cultivating inner awareness is the foundation of all the work I do, if you want to learn more about Human Design, this is the book.

EVERLANE UNDERWEAR • so excited by the launch of Everlane underwear. I have been building up my collection of wire-free bras and can’t wait to try these comfy looking sets.

DAISIES • Spring! Spring! Spring!